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Woman has experienced all her symptoms being rectified and is positively certain about her longevity and wellbeing, standing in front of brick wall.

Master your 


          the Silent Killer.......







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It's not your fault.

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You don't FEEL IDEAL because you're:


         -easily distracted

         -forgetting things

         -driven by cravings

         -suffering digestive problems

         -achy or in pain

         -weight-loss resistant

         -will power is waning 

         -moods are heavy  

         -unmotivated or stagnant

         -needing "aides"  for

          Energy, Focus or Happiness

It's time to stop believing:

  • your doctors that say, "it's just aging"

  • that you don't have time to deal with it

  • that it's not early signs of Chronic Illness

What is it?

Our program is an extensive, yet easy to adhere to, private coaching supported, powerful science bound neutraceutical based cleanse & detox protocol, designed for busy professionals to reclaim:

Energy, Cognitive Clarity, Digestive Ease, Thyroid Function, Insulin Productivity and the relief from so many inflammation based stress symptoms that so far has eluded you, despite your best efforts, doctors visits, blood tests, life hacks, supplement regimes and so on....


Participants will work with a professional to accurately identify and resolve the core Inflammation based problems, that are currently triggering a number of physical, mental and emotional symptoms that stymie success. and keep you from living your best life.  

And the side benefit is that most people lose weight, notice improved skin or hair, and look and feel like they got their life back, once they've worked this program. 

How it works 

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While the science behind this program is deeply complex,

a participants experience

is remarkably easy.

What does it do?

Scientists have finally clarified, that inflammation based symptoms are the "Canary in the Coal Mine" indicating that Chronic Illness is likely on it's way.  A hidden cause of this inflammation is the toxins, that have been accumulating for years, even decades, attaching to your 3 main cell walls: 

Cell Wall, Mitochondrial Wall and Nucleus Wall.  Blocking your hormones, neurotransmitters and nutrients from delivering maximized value to your beautiful body, at the CELLULAR LEVEL.  The CELLULAR DETOX CODE's leading edge program, cleanses the toxins, around the 3 layers of cell wall, rectifying these Inflammatory Conditions, at their core.   

That is why we see such a variety of impressive results from the powerful 5 month advance cellular detox programs.   
From digestive issues, to memory, focus and will power, to happiness and motivation levels, weight loss resistance, emotional resilience, energy levels and of course aches and pains and sleep problems, they are all often inflammatory related symptoms that can be addressed by removing the years of toxic build up that has now reached the level of the cells, including Brain Tissues Cells. 


How We Help


Improving Digestion & Stored Toxins in Fat


 Boost in Energy & Brain Function


Sleep & Pain 


Feel Amazing
with Longevity

It's 100% About Results

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The Weight & Inches are

falling off!

My sleeping improved first, then my blood pressure and my anxiety.  The dark days deminished and I feel lighter again. 

Ms Lanna L (1).png

"ZERO Lesion Enhancement with my MS,"

Ms. Liza .png

it's amazing.  And 70% of my balance restored, in just 5 months.  That had been a problem for over a decade, I never thought it would improve" >

"Wow, I've been walking again!"

Ms Carlita.png

"advance stage osteo-arthritis has reduced so much, I reached my goal of walking daily again. My lekay gut is a lot better, my weight is great and I'm just feeling like I more resilient again.  Oh, my Blood Pressure improved too!"


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We believe...

The CELLULAR DETOX CODE is the embodiment of everything we believe about people, health, and cutting edge science. 

Designed to address the 3 critical causes of cellular toxicity:

  • Microbial based Biotoxins

  • Heavy Metals

  • General Toxins  (like neurotoxins & endotoxins).  


We've witnessed it transform lives and believe it will evolve how we scale root-cause medicine.

This is truly, at this moment in time, a life changing program.

How it works for YOU.

Compliance is critical.  And for many of you driven professionals, and highly motivated go getters, somehow your physical wellbeing has been limited to exercise, yoga and avoiding sugars, fast food and deep fried dangers!  And that has done you well so far.  Or so you think.  


Getting your health back and recovering from what appears to be ever increasing symptoms, takes some time and commitment.   This is why the coaching aspect of the program is the backbone of your success.  All too often I hear my client's talk about how many different doctors they've been too, tests they've done, program's they've tried already, and not achieved lasting results. 


CELLULAR DETOX CODE is designed to flip the script on that old story.    How do we do it differently?  First we identify the true key stressors causing the inflammation, like peeling the onion.  This is Core Cause focused medicine.  Next we put you on the specialized program to address those key stressors.  And finally we give you the specific flavor of support that you need, through our one-on-one hour long coaching sessions, throughout the program- as well as other online group support. 


In this way, you will be receiving all the best kinds of coaching, also unique to your ever evolving needs, to help you navigate the ebe and flow of challenges that life with throw at you, along the road of reclaiming your wellbeing. 

Bonita Inza

Vistage Chair | CEO Advisor | Executive Coach | Personal Development Specialist for Mindful CEOs


Health is life,
invest in yours today!

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Holding Hands focused and looking in to the future


The future
is built by todays choices

Let's make sure

your future is amazing, by keeping you in the drivers seat with your health.

Healthy Plants in business office environment


We know business culture is important.  Cellular Detox Code programs cultivate wellbeing, which naturally, improves productivity.

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