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Prime & Personalized

For game changers to grow beyond blocks/patterns to maximize success.

  • 30 minutes
  • Free Consult
  • online

Service Description

Energy Psychology Sessions The Cellular Detox Code Programs are the ONLY cellular detox programs that include Online Energy Psychology Consults to help you over-come blocks to taking action steps for better health. We recognize from personal experience, how difficult it can be at times, to consistently put in to action, the steps one knows they want to make, or need to take, for better health and wellbeing. The team at Cellular Detox Code is here to help you in this area, with regularly scheduled monthly remote sessions, that keep you on course with your all your wellness goals. Your Private Health Coach will address your habits, patterns and Blind Spots to ensure you get the most out of your effort, money and time. With everything included in the Do-It Yourself Plan: 3 months of supplements Test kits and interpretations, Q&A Forum and Live Calls, with certified professionals, etc. The Prime and Personalized Program also offers: Monthly remote consultations to look deeper in to your concerns and develop a more specialized approach to help you over-come blocks you've recognized in the past, no matter what area of life they are in. Even if you have previously diagnosed conditions, our Practitioners are trained and certified to work with your concerns. Texting Plan Clients also have the option to choose, instead of the monthly consults, Texting Support, where you have direct access to your Health Coach, via Text Messaging, throughout your program. This option is sometimes more desirable for the busy professional, who, when they have a question, they prefer a timely response directly from their own Personal Health Coach, who they can develop a rapport with, rather then waiting for answers from someone who is not following their specific case, on the Online Q&A forum. WHAT'S INCLUDED 90-Days of Supplement Information and instructions Free Toxicity Testing To Measure Your Progress (2 Test Kits Included) (Shipped with Product) 20+ Hours of Detox Training Monthly LIVE interactive Webinars with Your CertIfied Health Coach. Advanced Strategy Tutorials: Intermittent Fasting, Ketosis, Diet Variation Burst & Detox Exercise Training Stress/Emotional Detox Strategies FAQ Board, Q&A FORM monitored by Certified Professionals Email Support For sign up for this option, please book a free consult.

Cancellation Policy

Please contact us immediately if you need to cancel your appointment. Thank you in advance for your curtesy.

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