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The Backstory

After 24 years as a certified wellness practitioner,  I knew there must be a quicker, deeper & more effective way to address root cause INFLAMMATION, that science has now shown to be at the core of most chronic illness.

Then, an accident broke my intestinal track.  The nerves that helped keep the waste moving out stopped working completely.   I lost a massive amount of hair, my brain couldn't function, aches all over, sleepless nights, and within 12 months, I was diagnosed with Rouleaux Formation which the doctor said is often an indicator of Cancer growth. I was on a tailspin in to a serious health crisis.  

Funny thing life is, because it was my own personal health crisis that brought me to discover the-


And because at age 48, it gave me my life back, I want to share it with everyone.  

Chandra Founder of Cellular Detox Code

The Approach

From the very beginning, the practitioners who developed the premise of detoxing the CELL, came to understand that THE  ONE common core stress, for so many of our energy, cognitive function, pain, weight, digestion and mood related problems is INFLAMMATION AT A CELLULAR LEVEL. 

So priority number one, is to resolve this hyper-inflammatory cascade not just in organs and tissues, but all the way into the cell.   And the


5 month program to get you on track with YOUR version of success.



The Results

I have been doing "detox" for a while, before finding Chandra.  So she helped me to understand why the other cleanses I did, only helped me feel good for a while, then I'd end up right back where I was again.  Chandra's plan was put me in an entirely new health direction, and the results stuck!  

What surprised me most, was that the biggest wins I had where not just physical.  I was so much more organized and so much less overwhelmed in daily life, that I finally decided to start the graduate program in Photography, I'd been wanting to do for decades! 

Along with the weight loss, and much improved memory, my menopause symptoms stopped, and I was able to wean off the Hormone regime I had been on all together!  That was shocking, after all those terrible hot flashes!!!   

While it was a big commitment,  and took time, money and some changes,  it's probably the single best decision I've ever made for my health.

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Chandra's Story

While this is literally the kind of view I had, working at some of the Holistic Detox & Health destination spa's in Thailand, it has been a pleasure to return to the USA for many reasons.

In the work arena, teaming up with Dr. Daniel Pompa, at The Pompa Program, for about 18 months, enhanced the depth of my knowledge & experience in the latest advances in Cellular Detox.

But even more significantly, he taught me:

  • to trust in the truth that detox will never be done in just a few weeks

  • that my intuition to meet my clients where they are, is more valuable then any fact I will ever share with them

  • and lastly, while diet, juice & food cleanses and food behaviors, can make or break one's LEVEL of success in detox, it will never, on it's own, resolve the damage done by years of the stored toxins we all have accumulated in the last several decades of "Civilized Living". 

woman sitting in tropic luxury window

Cellular Detox Code
has been endorsed by

Possibly the most famous dentist in the world
Dr. Gerry Curatola: 

This is what world renowned Restorative Dentist Dr. Gerry Curatola says about working with Chandra at Cellular Detox Code:

"As a biological dentist, I have had the pleasure of working collaboratively with Chandra Tuttle, in the comprehensive care and treatment of patients.  Chandra's experience and intelligent pragmatic approach to addressing the root cause of disease, especially unresolved inflammation and toxicity, has been a vital support in our patients' recovery from chronic disease."

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